It’s Not For You. It’s For Them.

No matter how much planning, we’re never fully certain of what life has in store. Whether we like it or not, considering the worst means we’re taking care of the people we love the most. So, what is life insurance? Also known as life cover, this is a security blanket designed to cover a financial obligation and protect the ones you love.

Whether to cover a mortgage, leave a lump sum to your children or provide a monthly salary for your partner, at Mortgage Information Bureau we have you covered. Whilst we deeply hope that you never need to use the cover we recommend; our advisers are trained to identify potential vulnerabilities and answer any questions when determining the right plan.

Mortgage Protection

A mortgage payment to most people is the most expensive bill each month. You can eliminate the financial strain by choosing this cost effective policy.
It is designed to decrease in line with your mortgage as it reduces, so that your family are not left with a mortgage debt.
This is often taken along side critical illness cover, protecting against the first outcome.

But It’s more than bricks and mortar
Family Protection

Although we are strong advocates for mortgage protection, it’s crucial to us that your family is protected beyond your mortgage, especially when there are kids involved. Have you ever considered the financial impact that your death could have on your family?
Or how much income to the household would actually be lost? It’s easy to forget the true value of our income, year on year until we retire.

Family protection can be set up to pay out as a level lump sum or as a monthly benefit. We cannot replace the emotional loss of your death, but we can replace the financial loss.

It is important for us to make you aware of the options available. All of our advice is completely free and all you pay is the cost of the policy each month. Speak to us today and ensure that your family are financially cared for.

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