Don’t Play Jenga With Your Lifestyle

The thought of being unable to work through illness or injury may seem unlikely for many of us but what impact would this have on your finances and lifestyle? Income Protection is designed to replace your salary if you are sick or injured and need time away from work. When the unexpected happens, this policy will provide financial peace of mind knowing that your bills are covered whilst you focus on your recovery. Financial stress is not something you should experience at this already vulnerable time.

There is a staggering 141.4 million working days lost in the UK in 2018 due to sickness or injury (Office for National Statistics, November 2020).

How does Income protection work?

Whether you have a mortgage, rent or looking to get onto the property ladder Income Protection makes perfect sense. The security of still having an income whilst you are in a vulnerable state is essential to maintaining your lifestyle and most importantly, meeting your financial obligations. We insure our cars, pets and homes but forget to look after the very thing that pays for it all; our income.

Typically you can protect around 70% of your income and we can tailor the policy to meet any budget constraints. For many of us, we see JUST ONE deposit into our bank accounts each month and large quantities of outgoings. If this deposit where to stop how are you going to afford all the other outgoings? Its therefore extremely important to view income protection as an essential outgoing.

At Mortgage Information Bureau we believe that its fundamental to seek proper financial advice on potentially one of the most important insurances you will acquire. We’ll help build a solution specific to your circumstances and best of all, our expert advice is absolutely free. You commit to funding the policy and we’ll commit to protecting your family. Book an appointment with our team today.

Professional Advice. Peace of Mind.

It’s important not to confuse Income Protection with the infamous PPI styles polices that were mis sold by banks. Unfortunately, the terms attached to PPI were not abundantly clear during the sales process, hence why so many refunds have been claimed.

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