Right Money At The Wrong Time

Does anyone really enjoy discussing or even thinking about what their life would look like if they became seriously ill? Often these thoughts alone can induce anxiety! Critical Illness Cover is an insurance that pays out a tax-free cash lump sum on diagnosis of a specific illness and if often taken alongside Life Insurance.

At Mortgage Information Bureau we understand that this can be a delicate subject, which is why we spend time explaining how this level of cover will work specifically for you and your family. Many people have different requirements for Critical Illness Cover but endemic to everyone; The alleviation of financial worry during difficult times is invaluable!

By speaking to one of our advisers today, you too can create this financial peace of mind. Our advisers are experts in this field with an extensive knowledge on each Providers Insurance Contracts. Every critical illness policy includes main problems you may suffer from. Major heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, MS and specific cancers are all accounted for. Some policies will even cover your children if they become seriously ill. Today an eyewatering 1 out of 5 claims in the UK are for children.


The first ever Critical Illness policy was launched on the 6th August 1983 in South Africa. It was developed by Dr Marius Bernard a cardiac surgeon with no previous knowledge of insurance. He was motivated by the experiences of financial plight of many patients following the diagnosis and treatment of a critical illness.

Their resources were affected by their decreasing ability to earn money needed to fulfil their financial needs. This often bought sacrifices such as selling their family home and even bankruptcy. This financial worry impacted on their health and their recovery was delayed. Stress aggravated their poor health and even sometimes ended in suicide.

After searching for possible solutions, he looked at insurance. Life Insurance policies provided financial security following the death of a policy holder, the trouble was however, that due to the progress with medical science his patients no longer died. They survived or many years after treatment but financially they died. It became obvious to him that insurance was the necessary product and so Critical Illness Cover was born. Now Critical Illness Cover is widespread across the globe including the UK, Europe, Australia, the far east and North America.

1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime(Cancer Research).

We put the best interest of you and your family to the forefront of discussions, resulting in bespoke levels of cover and dissolving policy related misconceptions. Contact us today to have a proper conversation with our team of experienced advisers.

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